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State Inspected – Custom Butchering

Our professionally trained staff turn our customers’ animals, including beef, pigs, sheep, buffalo, and deer, into a fresh, hot, tasty meal right on our customers’ dinner tables. Each animal must be brought in one day prior to or on the morning of its scheduled butchering date.

Beef Harvesting $85

Hog Harvesting  $45

Complete Processing $0.92/lb

Purchase in Bulk

There are many advantages to purchasing in bulk. For those who are looking to save, we offer beef and pork by the whole or half. Visit our Beef & Pork Prices page to learn everything you need to know.

Specialty Sausage Making

We are known for turning prize game animals into your favorite sausages at an affordable price. Delivering unbeatable turnaround times, our seven smokehouses almost never stop smoking. We accept whole animals and boneless trim all year round. (Note: All sausage is vacuum packaged.)

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